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Okay, ... for meeting announcement and web link(s), etc.

Hopefully what I've included below can be used quite directly (I also
include suggested subject for the announcement e-mail).  Anyway,
hopefully someone can grab these tasks and do them fairly soon:
* send e-mail to balug-admin-balug.org@lists.balug.org that you will
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BALUG May 17th presentation: LVM (Logical Volume Manager)

For the BALUG May 17th meeting, we will feature a presentation on
Logical Volume Manager (LVM) on LINUX by Michael Paoli.

BALUG and meeting general information (location, time, dinner cost,
etc.) can be found on the BALUG web site:

About Logical Volume Manager (LVM) and the presentation:
LVM allows for rather powerful and flexible management of hard drive
space.  Rather than mostly having to deal with physical disks and
partitions, with LVM, one creates logical volumes, which can then be
used to contain filesystems or other data.
With logical volumes, one can relocate and resize logical volumes
while the data they contain is in use, and in general, without regard to
partition boundaries or disk sizes - as logical volumes can also span
multiple disks.  This can make LVM a very power tool, for example
allowing one to:
* grow a filesystem while it's in use (if the filesystem type supports
  growing it on-line)
* relocate in-use data (filesystem or whatever) to different physical
  device or type of storage (for example, take a filesystem that is in
  use and move it between different types of storage (e.g. among
  non-RAID, RAID-5, RAID-1 or RAID-0+1 devices))
* more efficiently manage multiple filesystems on systems from those
  with large numbers of disk storage arrays through those with as little
  as a single hard drive
The presentation also promises to include a live demonstration of use of
LVM on LINUX, and also a bit of information about volume management
software in general on LINUX and UNIX platforms.

About Michael Paoli, our presenter for this event:
Michael Paoli has been doing UNIX systems administration for well over a 
decade, has been using volume management software for about 9 years, has 
been using doing LINUX systems administration for almost 7 years, and 
has been using LVM on LINUX for about 2 years.

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