[Balug-admin] Re: [Balug-talk --> Balug-admin] web site adminstrivia

Michael Paoli mp@rawbw.com
Wed Apr 20 21:33:55 PDT 2005

Wouldn't it be more appropriate (presuming it's feasible) to have a
"Beta" test area, on the same system, but, for example, using a
different port (e.g.:
Key advantages:
one could test on the same system, and when things were found to be
sufficiently "better", they could be migrated from test ("Beta") to
"Production" (primary web site area and related URLs).
The process could be repeated as necessary to make incremental
improvements (and possibly even rather to quite large changes too).
Avoids most of the issues of having to shift between different systems and
issues of accounting for inherent differences between systems (e.g. hardware).

Isn't it also more appropriate for most of these discussions to be on
rather than
... after all, I'd think most subscribers to balug-talk probably aren't
so interested in these administrivia e-mails being on balug-talk,
particularly if they aren't fairly interesting/topical in a general
LINUX or BALUG (as in meetings, presentation, general discussions of
things LINUX and/or BALUG) context.

Quoting Michael Hubbard <michael@offroadgeek.com>:

> > (There doesn't seem to be alot I can do against the small font and
> > cluttered layout.
> That's because you don't know how to properly manipulate postnuke.
> > Every time I work with postnuke I imagine how much
> > nicer it'd be to open kedit to an .html file across (s)ftp and be done
> > with it.)
> >
> Why don't you just create a new balug website with similar functionality 
> and find a new host for the site, then I'd be happy to help with getting 
> dns changed over to the new server.
> By the way, all of the data in the current wiki (phpwiki) would need to 
> be moved to the new site too.

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