[Balug-admin] BALUG talk for January 17th, 2006

xiaowen xiaowenx@gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 10:52:30 PST 2005

Hi Dick and Larry and everyone,

If there's no presenter scheduled yet for the January 17th meeting,
could I give a talk on Conary and rBuilder Online?

Conary is an open source software management and provisioning tool
that applies new ideas from distributed configuration management tools
such as GNU arch and monotone. Rather than concentrating on separate
package files as RPM and dpkg do, Conary uses networked repositories
containing a structured version hierarchy of all the files and
organized sets of files in a distribution.  http://wiki.conary.com/

rBuilder Online is a collaborative development environment that can be
used to easily package open source software and produce complete
distributions.  http://www.rpath.com/

I came to both the September and October BALUG meetings on The Digital
Tipping Point and shell programming respectively and found the topics
interesting and the audience knowlegeable and enthusiastic about
Linux.  I'd love to be able to present on these couple of new and
exciting technologies that I've worked with the past few months.


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