[Balug-admin] (pre-)Announcement?

Michael Paoli mp@rawbw.com
Tue Nov 8 23:44:36 PST 2005

If we don't have a speaker for the 2005-11-15 meeting, I could do a 
follow-up/follow-on from last month's meeting, and cover at least a bit
of shell mini-demo stuff, and mostly have time for questions and

If we're still looking for additional stuff to do/cover at the
2005-11-15 meeting (shell mini-demos and questions and answers may not
necessarily fill all that much time ... then again, folks might reach
their fill of presentation on shell stuff, since we already covered
lots of that at the Oct. meeting) ... I could also toss in a
mini-demo/presentation on "why I like Fvwm" - it's an X11 Window
manager ... anyway, that might be useful for covering about 10 to 20
minutes, and could add some variety.

Anyway, I was thinking "we" (or I) should probably send out a meeting
reminder/"announcement" soon (like, say, Thursday or so this week), so
folks still have reasonable advance notice on such a "reminder" (and
not so far in advance they're likely to forget again).

Any other "newsy" type stuff we'd want to include in "announcement"?
Reminder in change on the dinner cost, and that we're not meeting in
December, ... anything else (any confirmed speakers for next year or
anything else to tag onto an announcement before the 2005-11-15 meeting?

Oh, ... and I could add a note about web materials from the presentation
at the Oct. meeting (still need to push out the latest set of updates/
tweaks on those to the web).

Let me know, and I could send out the announcement (unless someone else 
is itching to do it).

And, random suggestion for the web site - tweak:
"BALUG meets every third Tuesday of the Month",
changing it to:
"BALUG generally meets the third Tuesday of each Month"
... as we have occasionally skipped or changed the meeting date (e.g.
like this December, or avoiding a conflict with a Chinese New Year's
room booking).

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