[Balug-admin] (pre-)Announcement?

Larry Platzek larryp@inow.com
Wed Nov 9 08:14:16 PST 2005

On Tue, 8 Nov 2005, Michael Paoli wrote:

> Date: Tue,  8 Nov 2005 23:44:36 -0800
> From: Michael Paoli <mp@rawbw.com>
> Reply-To: Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
> To: balug-admin@lists.balug.org
> Subject: [Balug-admin] (pre-)Announcement?
> If we don't have a speaker for the 2005-11-15 meeting, I could do a
> follow-up/follow-on from last month's meeting, and cover at least a bit
> of shell mini-demo stuff, and mostly have time for questions and
> answers.
> If we're still looking for additional stuff to do/cover at the
> 2005-11-15 meeting (shell mini-demos and questions and answers may not
> necessarily fill all that much time ... then again, folks might reach
> their fill of presentation on shell stuff, since we already covered
> lots of that at the Oct. meeting) ... I could also toss in a
> mini-demo/presentation on "why I like Fvwm" - it's an X11 Window
> manager ... anyway, that might be useful for covering about 10 to 20
> minutes, and could add some variety.
> Anyway, I was thinking "we" (or I) should probably send out a meeting
> reminder/"announcement" soon (like, say, Thursday or so this week), so
> folks still have reasonable advance notice on such a "reminder" (and
> not so far in advance they're likely to forget again).
> Any other "newsy" type stuff we'd want to include in "announcement"?
> Reminder in change on the dinner cost, and that we're not meeting in
> December, ... anything else (any confirmed speakers for next year or
> anything else to tag onto an announcement before the 2005-11-15 meeting?
> Oh, ... and I could add a note about web materials from the presentation
> at the Oct. meeting (still need to push out the latest set of updates/
> tweaks on those to the web).
> Let me know, and I could send out the announcement (unless someone else
> is itching to do it).
> And, random suggestion for the web site - tweak:
> "BALUG meets every third Tuesday of the Month",
> changing it to:
> "BALUG generally meets the third Tuesday of each Month"
> ... as we have occasionally skipped or changed the meeting date (e.g.
> like this December, or avoiding a conflict with a Chinese New Year's
> room booking).
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As far as I am concerned please go ahead and "be" our speaker for 

I will try to change to "generally" later today and update speaker 
to be Michael Paoli.

I hope someone else will make the announcement.
I know Michael does not want to make the announcement as going to be the 
speaker and I do not blame him for not wanting to do it!

I will be out untill tonight, will check on things at that time!

Larry Platzek  larryp@inow.com

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