[balug-admin] Aug. 15th Bay Area Linux Users Group Speaker?

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 2 23:20:29 PDT 2006

Seems we've had a little mix-up for the Aug. 15th meeting.

If you know of or come up with speaker/program or possiblity for
Aug. 15th, let at least myself, Ann and Larry know.  In the
meantime I'll also see if I can come up with someone/something
for us.


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Yipes! ...

Well, I'll see if I can scramble and arrange someone/something for
the Aug. 15th BALUG meeting.  I'll see if I can maybe get something
fitting from some of my vendor contacts.  If not that day, maybe I'll
manage to at least fill some other open slot (like Sept., if that is
still open).

I'll update the web page a bit - so at least it's not promoting for
Aug. a presentation/speaker that won't happen at that meeting.

I'll see if I can get at least some other "feelers" out there too,
in case that's able to snag us a speaker/presentation for
Aug. 15th meeting that way.

We could always add a keysigning ...
but that does not a whole meeting take (but it can fill 15 to 30
minutes).  Since an impromptu one happened at the last BALUG
meeting (I didn't see any announcements for such, but some
folks showed up interested in keysingings, and some keysignings
happened) ... doing it a 2nd month in a row could be a bit on the
redundant side ... though it might pull in some more folks from
LinuxWorld ... but on the other hand, there will almost certainly
be some keysigning at/around LinuxWorld itself ... and BALUG is
a bit of a trek from there for a keysigning if there's one at or
much closer to LinuxWorld.


Quoting Ann E. Worley:

> mixed up the dates

> Michael, I bet no one would complain if you recruit a speaker at  
> LinuxWorld as you previously offered to do.
> Patrick, I regret that we will not be learning how to take the sh out  
> of IT quite yet

> Quoting Patrick McGovern:
> > Hi Larry,
> >
> > Thanks for the note.
> >
> > I regret, with the timing mixup,  that I will not to be able to speak
> > on the 15th.   I am still very interested in participating at a  future
> > event.  Perhaps October or November.   (Sept will likely be  tough with

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