[balug-admin] BALUG 2006-08-15 speaker/presentation, etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Fri Aug 4 05:11:16 PDT 2006

Well, looks like I've heard from *two* people who could do a
talk/presentation at BALUG on 2006-08-15 - so we should end up
covered for speaker/presentation at that meeting one way or another.
I'm also checking if either or both of them might be available for other
BALUG meeting date(s), so with a bit of luck, perhaps I'll manage to fill
two slots, rather than just the one.  Hopefully by no later than about sometime
Monday I'll at least have firmed up for us who the person will be for the
2006-08-15 date, and at least approximately what the talk/presentation will
be covering or at least centered on.

I also updated the "Coming up..." section on the BALUG web site a bit to
reflect that it appears we will have a speaker/presentation for the
2006-08-15 meeting.

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