[Balug-admin] (forw) [Balug-announce] SWE, Production Engineering (3D Computer Graphics)

Xavier balug-talk@xav.to
Fri Feb 10 13:08:55 PST 2006

Rick Moen wrote:
> Quoting Larry Platzek (larryp@inow.com):
>>Rick, are you objecting to the message on the announce list?
> I was concerned solely because I thought it meant that the announce list
> was unmoderated, which could have lead to bad things in the future.
> Since you approved it, everything's cool.

I kinda think those messages are better fitting for balug-talk, but the 
volume is pretty low, so I'm not going into arms about it.

(actually, in my line of thinking, a new balug-spam list might be the 
best option :-)

>>I think all three lists are moderated. 
> I'm pretty sure the talk and admin lists aren't, by design.

Its a matter of who is subscribed, and how fishy the headers are or 
somesuch I think. If you're on the list, it doesn't take a moderator to 
get you heard.

Its a bit flexible. Abusers can be flagged, etc. All three lists look 
functionally similar, I haven't compared their settings though.

If a problem arises, steps can be taken. I don't plan on worrying until 
something happens. I don't care to chat about my concerns in detail on a 
public list either. :-)

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