[Balug-admin] BALUG talk for January 17th, 2006

Dick Verna rverna01@gmail.com
Mon Jan 9 18:40:21 PST 2006

We do have a scheduled speaker for Jan. 17, the web site just has not been
You can do a presentation on Feb. 21 2006.

It would be good if someone would update the web site. Any vollenteers the
speakers information can be sent to person doing the updating.
Larry  Platzek is too busy and has health  issues to do the updating.

On 1/9/06, xiaowen <xiaowenx@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> Our next meeting is just a week away now.  Assuming I have all your
> permission to give the presentation, should I go ahead and mail out an
> announcement/reminder to balug-talk?  Word is, I might have some
> goodies to give away too, so should be a fun time!
> See you all a week from tomorrow!
> Xiaowen
> 2005/12/6, xiaowen <xiaowenx@gmail.com>:
> > Hi Dick and Larry and everyone,
> >
> > If there's no presenter scheduled yet for the January 17th meeting,
> > could I give a talk on Conary and rBuilder Online?
> >
> > Conary is an open source software management and provisioning tool
> > that applies new ideas from distributed configuration management tools
> > such as GNU arch and monotone. Rather than concentrating on separate
> > package files as RPM and dpkg do, Conary uses networked repositories
> > containing a structured version hierarchy of all the files and
> > organized sets of files in a distribution.  http://wiki.conary.com/
> >
> > rBuilder Online is a collaborative development environment that can be
> > used to easily package open source software and produce complete
> > distributions.  http://www.rpath.com/
> >
> > I came to both the September and October BALUG meetings on The Digital
> > Tipping Point and shell programming respectively and found the topics
> > interesting and the audience knowlegeable and enthusiastic about
> > Linux.  I'd love to be able to present on these couple of new and
> > exciting technologies that I've worked with the past few months.
> >
> > Thanks,
> > Xiaowen
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