[Balug-admin] A suggestion ... (Re: And the presentation is ??? and the announcement is ???)

Xavier balug-talk@xav.to
Mon Jan 16 10:25:41 PST 2006

Michael Paoli wrote:
> Just a general suggestion (not aimed at anyone in particular), ...
> Try not to "sit" on relevant information - particularly if it may be or
> become important.  One can typically send most of that information to the
> admin list.  Since the admin list is publicly readable, one may want to
> strip out some details (e.g. presenter's e-mail address and phone number),
> but most of the rest of the stuff can generally go to the admin list.  At
> least that way the information is there, and those of us that might send out
> something on the announce list or update the web site (I think there are
> roughly half a dozen or more, and at least a couple or more, that have the
> requisite access in those two respective categories) would then be aware
> of the relevant information and may be able to make more timely and
> detailed updates/announcements.

I could also have had a decent human readable summary primed for when 
the time came, instead of grinding on it in a panic for a day and then 
putting up a poor excuse for an event description due to other problems 
at home swallowing my time/concentration whole. :-/

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