[Balug-admin] A suggestion ... (Re: And the presentation is ??? and the announcement is ???)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Jan 16 08:17:30 PST 2006

Just a general suggestion (not aimed at anyone in particular), ...

Try not to "sit" on relevant information - particularly if it may be or
become important.  One can typically send most of that information to the
admin list.  Since the admin list is publicly readable, one may want to
strip out some details (e.g. presenter's e-mail address and phone number),
but most of the rest of the stuff can generally go to the admin list.  At
least that way the information is there, and those of us that might send out
something on the announce list or update the web site (I think there are
roughly half a dozen or more, and at least a couple or more, that have the
requisite access in those two respective categories) would then be aware
of the relevant information and may be able to make more timely and
detailed updates/announcements.

Do also try to be clear in noting status of items (e.g. possible, unconfirmed,
tentative, confirmed), so one is less likely to presume incorrectly or

If one "sits" on the information, others may presume the one sitting on the
information is going to do all or most everything relevant with that
information (e.g. update web site, send out announcement, etc.).
E.g., one of my rules-of-thumb is: try not to be the bottleneck in the process.

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