[balug-admin] Jobs Policy

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Tue Jun 13 18:53:08 PDT 2006

Just to remind y'all, I raised a couple of questions, in part by taking
semi-unilateral action:

o  What policy should balug-announce have?

   I established a fait accompli by putting text on the listinfo
   page:  It says "Announcements for and by BALUG", and tells 
   people where to send non-BALUG announcements for consideration.

o  What policy should balug-talk have?  In particular, does it 
   need a jobs policy?

   I stuck to description, on the listinfo page, except to advise
   people to also join balug-announce to get meeting announcements.

Default outcome will undoubtedly be for employers & recruiters to 
switch to balug-talk.  Some will join first; their posts will go 
straight through.  Many, including a lot of professional recruiters, 
tend to mass-blitz mailing lists "from orbit"; those posts will get
held as non-subscriber postings for listadmin approval.

At which point, it'd be a good thing for listadmins to have worked out
a policy.  Are we OK with jobs posts on balug-talk?  If so, are we 
also OK with postings from "drive by" people who can't be bothered to
subscribe first?  

I'm aware the above wording is loaded, and will confess that I'd prefer
to politely refer all jobs-offered postings to elsewhere, such as the
SVLUG, Bay Area FreeBSD User Group, and BayLISA Jobs mailing lists.
But I'll be glad to implement whatever policy the other listadmins

(Michael Paoli mentioned, in March 2005, the option of it being OK to
post _as a subscriber_ about tips / inside tracks you have on particular
jobs, as distnct from the usual generic and impersonal ads.)

Which was another question I have:  Who are our listadmins?  I've sent
RSVP request mail to  balugadmin@balug.org and balugadmin-talk@xav.to,
to find out, but please speak up if you know.

Judging by early posts to this list, possibles include:

Michael Hubbard, our "angel" who foots our bill at Dreamhost.  Thanks!
                 I'm guessing Michael is "balugadmin@balug.org"?
Larry Platzek
Dick Verna
Jerry McGovern
"Xavier" (who I just noticed is the balug-talk@xav.to guy)
        I believe Xavier and Larry are active keeping the Web site
        updated and healthy.

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