[balug-admin] Jobs postings have moved to balug-talk

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Thu Jun 15 10:57:37 PDT 2006

Quoting Michael Paoli (Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu):


> But as it's unmoderated discussion, if/when "job postings" policy (or
> lack thereof) for "talk" becomes an issue, we can always tweak/adjust
> policy as appropriate for that list.

This seems like the emerging consensus.

> E.g. if we see a long "hot" thread there with lots of participants and
> a definitive plurality or better on direction things should take, then
> we can take such direction.

Just a comment:  You don't get "threads" with jobs postings, typically
-- which points to one reason why they're a bit out of place:  They're
completely disconnected from all Linux discussion -- like advertising
spots among programming.  That's because, well, they _are_ advertising,
for which none of us gets paid.  (_Generally_ speaking, the people who
post job ads never post on any other topic, and have no interest in the
LUG other than as a free advertising medium.)

The other problem, which has not lately been a problem at BALUG, is
quantity.  I.e., during the boom, scattershot jobs postings from (in
particular) professional recruiters swamped LUG mailing lists.  Many of
those postigns were ludicrously inappropriate, e.g., ads for Microsoft
Exchange administrators.  It became evident that many recruiters were
just carpet-bombing all the vaguely technical mailing lists they knew
of, and paying no attention to what each list is _about_.

After several years of IT downturn, we've been seeing a small boom in
jobs postings again (and still trending upwards), which is what got me
concerned.  Bear in mind that most of you won't have seen a lot of the
early signs:  A recent small flood of clue-deficient recruiters have
been blitzing LUG _announce_ mailing lists with things like "Hi, would
you please put this job posting on your Web site?"

Experience suggests that those people cannot be taught manners and
competence:  There's no percentage in it, for them.  Like spammers, they
just make it up in volume.

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