[balug-admin] Jobs postings have moved to balug-talk

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Jun 15 01:07:16 PDT 2006

Well, the "talk" (balug-talk@lists.balug.org) list is (relatively)
open unmoderated discussion (from subscribers of the list), and we've
not set a hard-and-fast policy on "job posting" and such on the
"talk" list.  But as it's unmoderated discussion, if/when "job
postings" policy (or lack thereof) for "talk" becomes an issue, we
can always tweak/adjust policy as appropriate for that list.  E.g. if
we see a long "hot" thread there with lots of participants and a
definitive plurality or better on direction things should take, then
we can take such direction.  I don't think I've yet seen such on that
list - certainly not at least within the past 3 years or so.  As long
as we keep a reasonable eye on it (I think at least most of us are
also subscribed to the "talk" list), and take reasonable actions
if/when it becomes an issue, we'll do okay there.  In the meantime,
at least thus far, it seems mostly or entirely a non-issue for the
"talk" list.  Of course we've had no shortage of opinions and such
regarding the "announce" list :-).

Quoting X-Caliber <xcaliber@xav.to>:

> Rick Moen wrote:
> > Exactly as I predicted, the jobs postings moved from one list to the
> > other.  At least that gets them off balug-announce -- but that leaves
> > the question of whether we're OK with them landing on balug-talk.
> > (My personal opinion is "No" -- and that, instead, we should have
> > a Web page listing suggested places for job-seekers.)
> Yeah, one reason I let them just queue up.
> I didn't want to have to advocate a balug-spam group.

Other LUGS have significantly varying job postings policies.  These
range from, e.g. a specific list for "jobs", and prohibited
elsewhere, the BUUG "inside track" rule (e.g. you're the hiring
manager, or the position is within the group you work and you're
intimately familiar with the position and environment, or other
similar quite close ties to the position, and no recruiter/agency
postings at all).  Others don't have specific policies regarding
"job" postings.  Anyway, for the BALUG "talk" list, we can probably
defer setting a "job" postings policy on that list until such time as
it is or looks to be becoming an issue for that list.

Also (not that anyone besides myself might notice ;-)) I've generally
indicated/stated, regarding job postings, not that they *are*, but
rather that they *may be* appropriate for the "talk" list.  Whether
or not they *are* appropriate there, probably ends up a matter of
plurality opinion of folks on the "talk" list - which will probably
also get shaped by what shows up on "talk" and/or how much plastering
(or lack thereof) of job announcements and such these folks might
also see from other sources.

I'm not sure if BALUG ever had, at least historically (<~=2003) a job
posting policy and/or policy(/ies) regarding such for specific BALUG
lists.  Last I recall, much of the older list archive stuff had become
seriously munged, so even if there's an "answer" or particular useful
historical information there, it might be relatively infeasible to

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