[Balug-admin] Reminder: S.F.: BALUG 2006-03-21: Tom Limoncelli: Time Management for System Administrators

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Fri Mar 17 19:24:39 PST 2006

Just a brief reminder: in San Francisco for the 2006-03-21 Bay Area
Linux Users Group (BALUG) meeting, we have as guest presenter
Tom Limoncelli, of Google, on:
Time Management for System Administrators (and everyone else too)

Tom Limoncelli is the author of the new book from O'Reilly, 
"Time Management for System Administrators" 
(The book was the #1 computer book on Amazon on Feb 10, 2006)
and is also co-author of the book 
"The Practice of System and Network Administration" from Addison-Wesley

more details on the meeting, presentation, etc. here:

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