[balug-admin] October speaker update

John Mark Walker johnmark@hyperic.com
Mon Oct 2 11:12:27 PDT 2006

So I got in touch with Pat McGovern of Splunk re: the upcoming  
meeting. As it turns out, no one had been in touch with him, so he  
wasn't confirmed in the least. So... if it's ok, I can probably  
convince him to give a talk. The other options would be...

1. Rick M., as mentioned previously
2. Doug MacEachern, mod_perl creator, CTO of Hyperic
3. I could probably get one of Larry Augustin, any of the SugarCRM  
guys, or one of the 6 Apart guys (who are working on some interesting  

Let the discussion commence. Do any of you know who originally  
suggested Pat McGovern? It turns out that he was scheduled to speak  
in August, but he was given the wrong date, so my vote would be to  
get him confirmed if possible, since he was kind of given the  
runaround last time - at least, according to him.


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