[balug-admin] October speaker update

jim stockford jim@well.com
Mon Oct 2 11:57:21 PDT 2006

    is shared/round-robin email the only means we have
for managing speakers? Seems useful to have a shared
list with at least name, confirmation status, and meeting
date, yes? tho'ts?

On Oct 2, 2006, at 11:12 AM, John Mark Walker wrote:

> So I got in touch with Pat McGovern of Splunk re: the upcoming
> meeting. As it turns out, no one had been in touch with him, so he
> wasn't confirmed in the least. So... if it's ok, I can probably
> convince him to give a talk. The other options would be...
> 1. Rick M., as mentioned previously
> 2. Doug MacEachern, mod_perl creator, CTO of Hyperic
> 3. I could probably get one of Larry Augustin, any of the SugarCRM
> guys, or one of the 6 Apart guys (who are working on some interesting
> projects)
> Let the discussion commence. Do any of you know who originally
> suggested Pat McGovern? It turns out that he was scheduled to speak
> in August, but he was given the wrong date, so my vote would be to
> get him confirmed if possible, since he was kind of given the
> runaround last time - at least, according to him.
> -JM
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