[balug-admin] request registration help

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Sat Oct 7 08:58:41 PDT 2006

Jim Stockford, et. al.,

Jim - I just separately sent you a password.  That should work for you being
able to login.

I tried and also got results like Jim, so looks like at least the
self-registration is at least partially broken (seems it does
part of the registration, fails, and doesn't e-mail the initial
password - at least I tried what Jim did, got similar results,
and haven't seen an initial password e-mail show up - at least yet).

Also, these are the errors I see it give with the self registration:
Error! Called unknown function: Mailer_userapi_sendmessage()
And then when trying again:
Sorry! Please try again: this e-mail address is already registered
Perhaps the hosting provider's done something to block it from
sending e-mail as it's presently configured?

Quoting Michael Paoli:

> I'll have a look at this and see what I find there.
> references/excerpts:
> Quoting jim stockford:
> >     upon registering at the balug.org site, I got an error
> > message--some api call problem.
> >     upon re-registering, I got a message that the email
> > address was already registered.
> > username jim.stockford
> > email

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