[balug-admin] Informing speakers/presenters about presentation equipment/facilities

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Oct 16 16:16:25 PDT 2006

If they've got a "VGA" type output (DE15F, "standard" signal pin-out),
we should be able to work with that okay ("we" (Dick) have converter
that will convert that to NTSC for the overhead (TV type) projector).

I don't know that we've got anything that could directly use
Mac or Mac-like digital video output (DVI, I believe it is).  If that
is the only video output they have available we may have an issue, but I'd
guess Mac laptop likely includes "VGA" style output and/or SVHS
(theoretically we could probably hook up SVHS, but I don't think we've
ever tested that potential theory, and I'm not absolutely sure there is
SVHS input to the video projection equipment ... but it's fairly likely
such input exists).

I (or "we") should probably also make a wiki page for information on
the presentation facilities (projector capability details and the like).
I've had in mind to do that (since the wiki page was suggested for
speaker coordination), but I've not gotten around to it ... at least yet.
Anyway, that would be a bit easier to refer to (and update) ... but
in the meantime, at least we've got a useful "chain" of URLs (the information
pretty much is out there ... but not on a single consolidated page or link).


Quoting John Mark Walker:

> Ok, this answers the bit about projectors. What about net connection?
> And for the projector, does the speaker need to bring a Mac converter?
> -JM
> On 10/8/06, Michael Paoli wrote:
> >
> > Uhm, well, ... okay, ... how about *this* URL:
> >
> >
> http://lists.balug.org/pipermail/balug-admin-balug.org/2006-August/000233.html
> > (and recursively, the ones it references).
> >
> > Quoting Michael Paoli:
> >
> > > For informing speakers/presenters about presentation
> > equipment/faclities,
> > > (e.g. video projection) etc., this covers things pretty well
> > (particularly
> > > when also following the URLs that it also references):
> > >
> >
> http://lists.balug.org/pipermail/balug-admin-balug.org/2006-August/000231.html
> > >
> > > I like the wiki idea suggested earlier though, ... probably ought to
> > > create a wiki page and put the information there, ... that way it could
> > > be in one persistent place, and also get updated/tweaked as/when
> > > appropriate.

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