[balug-admin] (forw) Re: (moderation, job postings, etc.)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Oct 23 22:08:41 PDT 2006

Quality (and/or lack thereof) varies radically among recruiters/agencies.
That was especially evident in the dot com boom, but was also quite well
before that, ... and continues to be evident after the dot com bubble
burst.  This likely also well applies also to "internal" recuirters
(certainly applies to managers, likely well applies to internal
recuirters also - at least speaking over-all).

Some (semi-?)random thoughts on moderation on the list(s).
Might we want to tweak the configuration so the "nag" e-mails only
go out at most once per day? ... I forget the precise name/description
on that option, but that could cut down any flurries of e-mail notifications
for those cases (or days) when we get a relative flood of spam e-mail
or other e-mail that gets snagged for "moderator approval".  I can't really
think of too many plausible cases where we'd need to handle incoming
e-mail items of such nature in less than 24 hours.  I thought about adding
myself to the notification list (for the "nag" e-mails) ... but don't
really want a flurry of such e-mails when a lot of items that get
snagged for moderation come in ... but a max of one notification e-mail
per day per list I could reasonably tollerate (and I'd guestimate some
other folks that might consider "volunteering" for such duty/monitoring
may feel similarly).  Anyway, ... just a thought on that, anyway.  Anyone
have any particular opinions either way on that?

Also, I wouldn't feel any "great need" to spend much time and energy
dealing with such "broadcast" job announcement that are, e.g., sent
to lots of folks, groups, and/or lists, or Bcced to most recipients
or otherwise show signs of likely being a "bulk" e-mailing.  Can always
queue a bunch of 'em up and if one still feels inclined to reply, e-mail
'em back in a single generic message, and let 'em figure it out ;-).
(  Dear recruiter/agency, thank you for your interest in BALUG.  Please
   direct your attention to ...

Anyway, ... just some thoughts.

Quoting Rick Moen <rick@linuxmafia.com>:

> I notice that about 2/3 of these recruiters just lob their jobs postings
> towards any-old-where, and say only that they want personal help from 
> some unspecified stranger (that would be me) in posting to "your site".  
> I've conversed with some of them, and uniformly they really have no idea
> what they mean by "site" in this context; they figure you'll work hard
> to _figure out_ somewhere, as if figuring out where to put their posts
> is somehow _your_ problem.  And they never, ever read documentation.
> These people are paid for _what_, again?
> (Jim feel free to post this on the SF-LUG page, if you wish.  I'm sure
> she'll get around to you sooner or later, anyway.)
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