[balug-admin] guess is you all would rather i confine such ...

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 26 20:23:17 PDT 2006

Well, just my perspective/guestimate,

but I'd guess probably most on the balug-admin list
aren't too likely to be horribly put off by discussions about
potential speakers/topics.  But *do* keep in mind
that balug-admin is publicly archived, so probably
should not send stuff to balug-admin that "we" or the
sender (or persons/companies/institutions/entities
mentioned in the e-mail) would generally prefer not
to have hanging out there for the whole world to see.


Quoting jim stockford:

> My guess is you all would rather i confine such posts to
> those specifically assigned to getting speakers

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