[balug-admin] 2006-10-17 meeting and earlier "announcement" of speaker

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 26 03:32:59 PDT 2006

We did earlier announce speaker for 2006-10-17 meeting:

So, in theory contacting would be a reconfirmation/reminder ... but I'm not sure
if 2006-10-17 was earlier fully agreed to by the (presumed) speaker, or if it
was suggested/implied, but not fully confirmed.

That earlier "announcement" also has text/blurbs that we can probably (re)use
on the web-site, for announcement(s), etc., ... but probably also good to
check with the speaker if there should be any tweaks/adjustments/changes
(and various "short", "long(er)", and "bio" versions/blurbs are also quite
handy to have, if we obtain such).

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