[Balug-admin] "announcement" and do we have the spearker info.?

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Fri Apr 13 03:29:54 PDT 2007

We should be getting out BALUG "announcement" on our upcoming meeting,
and speaker/presentation information soon (yesterday would be about
ideal timing for "reminder" ... anyone want to volunteer as "publicity
coordinator" to help us drive more timely announcements and reminders,
and also get the information out in other appropriate locations (e.g.
mentioned on other lists, to other user groups, on other web sites, etc.
as appropriate)?

Does someone have the information on speaker and description of the
topic/presentation suitable for inclusion in "announcement"?

Anything else that should be included in that e-mailing to the
"announce" list?  The only other think I can think of off-hand
is wee mention of "issue(s)" on the current "old" web site (similar
to mention in the last announcement, see, e.g., the tail end of:
) along with the meeting basics (when, where, etc., e.g. see example in
that same URL above).

Anyway, once someone has that information in hand, and can assemble and
send the announcement (if they have the access to send to the
"announce" list), or get that information to us, so one of us can
get it sent out, that would be a good thing.


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