[Balug-Admin] how to get BALUG promo material to LW E?

jim stockford jim@well.com
Mon Aug 6 08:11:26 PDT 2007

    Call me or email me to let me know that you've got
something for printing and I'll do the job of printing it:
at Kinko's. I may be able to afford color, but I'll need
reimbursement. If it's black and white, I'll pay out of
my pocket by way of helping out. Offer good for both

    Good tho't re fortune cookies. When/how are they
coming, by the way?

    Bill Kendrick has a web page for scheduling, he's
maintaining it as people send him info.
    the web page is

I think the common LUG booth number is 644, not 640.

415 823 4590 my cellphone, call anytime

On Aug 5, 2007, at 7:07 PM, Michael Paoli wrote:

> I'm finishing up a bit of Bay Area Debian (BAD) materials,
> but after that I'll probably do something at least somewhat similar
> for BALUG.
> If someone wants to jump in on doing materials (or volunteering to 
> print,
> photocopy, and cut) feel free to let me/us know (can also give me
> a ring at 1-510-883-0772 (home/msg.).  I've got some graphics that'll 
> get
> used to tie in with the fortune cookie thingy (some of which will go up
> on the BALUG web site soon, ... before the Expo opens on Tuesday, 
> anyway).
> Anyway, basic plan for BALUG (and similar for the BAD stuff I'm doing),
> finish up preparation of the materials (short of photocopying, 
> cutting, and
> perhaps printing) before tomorrow morning, then print them out (if not
> already printed), and use those as "masters", photocopy them,
> and then slice 'em up into 1/4 sheets.
> For LinuxWorld Expo, I may not make it there quite as soon as the Expo
> opens on Tuesday, but I expect to make my first visit to the Expo on
> Tuesday not long after it opens.  I'd drop them off then (and likewise 
> the
> BAD stuff).  For the BALUG stuff, I'd probably also write up an 
> "instruction"
> sheet for the booth attendee(s) (might not always have a BALUG person 
> there,
> but hopefully have someone from some LUG(s) there at any given time).
> Instruction sheet might be most handy in handling of fortune cookies - 
> we
> probably want to avoid someone just dumping 'em all at the front of the
> table and having 'em all gone within the first hour or two.  Probably 
> best
> to hold them back a bit, and "ration them" per day/hour, ... so they 
> can
> be slowly given out throughout the show (and so folks don't horde 'em 
> or
> grab big bunches of 'em).  Between BALUG and GroundWork OpenSource,
> not sure precisely what the plan is as far as what percentage of 
> cookies
> get distributed from what booth, ... that might also depend on the
> shared LUG booth staffing (and timing).
> Did we or anyone ever put up a wiki page to coordinate the shared LUG
> booth "staffing" ... or (Jim? or someone else?) is that being 
> coordinated
> via e-mail or other means?
> Quoting jim stockford <jim@well.com>:
>> The common LUG booth is #640
>>     I believe you're bringing some hardcopy promo
>> for BALUG, yes? If so, what arrangements do you
>> want to make to get it there?
>> * bring it whenever you come to see the show
>> * meet somebody pre-show
>> * other

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