[Balug-Admin] where are the fortune cookies

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Sat Aug 11 11:34:26 PDT 2007

Quoting jim stockford <jim@well.com>:

> I took the remaining fortune cookies to Andrew
> at Untangle (about 400).

Hopefully he'll be at the next BALUG meeting and can bring some reasonable
bunch of them (someting in the 25 to 200 max range ... I was thinking maybe
roughly 80)?

They should get used fairly soon (like within a month) for best quality.
I didn't remember to grab any of the remaining ones at the end of
LinuxWorld - would be nice to have at least enough to give everyone
who comes to the next BALUG meeting one (in case they'd not seen them),
... and give the restaurant at least a few too.
Some of us could also manage to redistribute some modest quantity of
them (I could take some to our tech. folks at work, and I could take some
to BUUG to give to folks there (and for them to also hand out).
I also have a few zillion (okay, well under 1,400) of the BALUG
1/4 sheet flyers we were trying to mostly also give away with the
fortune cookies (has lots of LUG/UG/LINUX/etc. resources on the back
too, in addition to BALUG stuff).

Also, anyone have a digital camera they can snap a few good shots of these
with (before they're all gone?). ... perhaps cookie in sealed bag,
whole cookie out of bag, cookie split and pulled and with fortune at least
about half visible, and good readable shots of front and back of fortune.
I've got scanner and two of the fortunes, so I could cover those if
someone else doesn't get them ... but that wouldn't work so well for
the rest of the images.

Oh well, ... we should've pushed them a bit more agressively at the start
of LinuxWorld ... we fell a bit behind target giveaway rate, ... got back
on track fairly quick, ... but never quite fully caught up.

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