[Balug-Admin] stuff for announce - speakers, $13, book(s)/swag, etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Aug 15 08:17:46 PDT 2007

stuff for BALUG announcment ... anything to add to this?

I'll probably send it out late today or tomorrow A.M.

items to cover:

talk/presentation (community colo)

$13.00 for dinner ($12.00 to restaurant) (modest price increase, first
time the restaurant part of the price has gone up in many years - perhaps
in the whole history of BALUG).

LWCE "swag" - we have a bunch of books (and some other items too) ... will
probably give at least some of that away as "door prizes" at the next
BALUG meeting - I was thinking we'd "meter" them out - not try to give
them all out at one meeting ... have a fair number of books.  Might also
give away more swag at meetings where we don't have speaker/presentation,
and somewhat less where we do have speaker/presentation.

BALUG fortune cookie - probably at least a bit of a mention about that.

Anything else to cover?


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 Subject: Re: speaking at BALUG 2007-08-21
      To: ryan

Excellent.  Thanks.

If you also want to also specify a very short descriptor, (for subject line, 
title links to more details on the event/presentation, etc.)
I could use that too.  I'd presume something like:
BALUG 2007-08-21: Ryan Bagueros & Isabela Fernandes Bagueros on Community Colo
and for URL and (short) URL title on the project:
San Francisco Community Colocation Project

If you'd like those to appear differently, let me/us know.  I hope to have the
"announcement" item out sometime between late today and sometime tomorrow

If you want to peek at earlier example, you can look at some items in
the "announce" list, e.g.:

Thanks again for agreeing to do the talk/presentation, and for the more
detailed descriptive text too (we'll certainly also be able to use that).

Feel free to also let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Quoting ryan:

> Hello, we passed this description on to Jim and I'll put it here also:
> San Francisco Community Colo is a node in a larger network of
> non-profit colocation facilities springing up around the country.
> CCP's leverage community participation to drive down the costs of 
> server colocation by evenly distributing costs within a transparent, 
> open organization.
> This enables non-profits and community groups to rack their servers in
> high-availability, high-speed facilities at an affordable cost.
> We will discuss organizational logistics that we've learned and we'll
> also talk about the practical and philosophical reasons for building
> and supporting non-commercial internet infrastructure.
> Ryan Bagueros has worked in the internet industry for over 10 years in
> the San Francisco Bay Area. He was head of engineering at Tagged.com,
> one of the fastest growing social networking websites today, and went
> on to found his own company, northxsouth.com, an open source business
> with offices in North & South America. 
> Isabela Fernandes Bagueros helped build one of Latin America's largest
> independent media networks in Brazil. She's also worked with the
> federal government of Brazil, migrating their systems to open source,
> free software. She now lives in the SF Bay Area, working on a number
> of digital media and open source projects, including the San Francisco
> Community Colo.
> Ryan & Isabela Fernandes Bagueros                             
> Is that good?
> > Toya/Ryan,
> > 
> > Please let us know, as soon as you can, some "short blurb" I can use
> > for our web page (and brief synopsis) - who will be giving the talk
> > (name(s) as you want them to appear), on what topic (as you want it
> > listed), and also applicable URL(s).  We usually use "short" description
> > in Subject: on announcement(s), and also on at least some places on
> > some of our web pages.
> > 
> > We can also uses a somewhat longer (paragraph or so) description,
> > mini-bios, background, etc., to include in the full text of "announcment"
> > that we send out and similar locations/materials.
> > 
> > We look forward to having you at the BALUG meeting 2007-08-21.
> > Please let us know also if you have any questions or concerns.
> > 
> > Quoting jim stockford:
> > 
> > >     You're on. The meeting is on Tuesday, August 21,
> > > at the Four Seas restaurant in Chinatown, on Grant
> > > Avenue near Sacramento.
> > > jim
> > > 
> > > On Aug 8, 2007, at 8:59 AM, toya wrote:
> > > 
> > > > Hi Jim,
> > > > Thanks for inviting us, we will do it for sure.
> > > > Just let us know when so we can plan it and also invite the
> > > > community to join :)
> > > >
> > > > jim stockford said:
> > > >>
> > > >>    Hi, Toya,
> > > >> Michael Paoli had the idea that the BALUG group
> > > >> would be interested in hearing about community
> > > >> colos in general and sfccp in particular. Can you
> > > >> speak at the BALUG meeting? It's held at the Four
> > > >> Seas restaurant on Grant Street in Chinatown.
> -- 
> w . http://www.sfccp.net/
>   . san francisco community colo project
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 Subject: Re: dividing the spoils, LW E 
      To: jim stockford

I "inventoried" at least a fair chunk of what I hauled away from
LinuxWorld intended mostly or entirely for user groups.
This is most or all of the items more likely of interest to
user groups.  I've got a bunch of "smaller" stuff (stuffed
critters, pen(s) and/or blinky things, etc. at home that I've not
particularly inventoried yet.  I've also some CDs/DVDs and other misc.
stuff yet to inventory.

At work (in San Francisco - I don't generally want to haul stuff
home (Berkeley) just to haul it back to San Francisco (BALUG, etc.)
again), I inventoried the following:
_LINUX Format_ September 2007 with DVD www.linuxformat.co.uk
Draft Manuscript of _Damn Small Linux_ ISBN-13: 978-0-13-233869-1 ISBN-10:
_Knoppix Hacks_ with CD-ROM ISBN: 0-596-00787-6
_Professional LINUX Programming_ ISBN: 978-0-471-77613-0
_Hacking Ubuntu_ ISBN: 978-0-470-10827-7
_The Official ubuntu Book_ with DVD ISBN-13: 978-0-13235413-4 ISBN-10: 0-13-235413-6
_Rail Space_ ISBN-13: 978-0-321-48079-8 ISBN-10: 0-321-48079-1
_Solaris Performance and Tools_ ISBN: 0-13-156819-1
_Pro Oracle Database 10g RAC on LINUX_ ISBN: 1-59059-524-6
_LINUX Systems Administration_ ISBN-10: 0-596-00952-6 ISBN-13: 978-0-596-00952-6
_Practices of an Agile Developer_ ISBN: 0-9745140-8-X
_;login_ August 2007 (USENIX) qty. 2
_Computing in Science & Engineering_ July/August 2007 (IEEE)
_Security & Privacy_ July/August 2007 (IEEE)
_LINUX Journal_ www.linuxjournal.com September 2007
t-shirt, green, LINUX SUPERSTAR, XL 100% COTTON PRESHRUNK (Novell/SUSE?)

I figured I'd take the Solaris book to BUUG (likely to be of more
interest there than at most LUGs), and one of the two _;login_ copies.
Can potentially redistributed/rebalance/trade some or much of the rest,
but I was thinking of taking most or all of it to BALUG (probably give
away somewhat slowly as door prizes over the course of several meetings,
perhaps with more/bigger/better door prizes for any meetings where we didn't
have a speaker/presentation lined up).

Most or all of what I dragged home that I'd intend for UGs is more magazines
(not yet inventoried) and other flashy/fuzzy stuff (stuffed
critters, pen(s) and/or blinky things, etc.), and some CDs/DVDs.


Quoting jim stockford:

>     I've got a box of books from various publishers along
> with maybe 50 copies of Linux Magazine (featuring
> Python as the cover story) and one or two dozen copies
> of the current Ubuntu (7.04) live CD.
>     Lemme know what you want. Scott, Jason, and Toya
> get priority for one title each, then Michael (BALUG),
> Paul (SV-LUG), and I (SF-LUG) get to choose some
> for give-aways -- maybe we'll arm wrestle in the case
> of contention.
> O'Reilly:
> 2 - Linux Kernel in a Nutshell, Kroah-Hartman
> 2 - Programming Firefox, Feldt
> 2 - Linux System Administration, Adelstein & Lubanovic
> 2 - SUSE Linux, Brown
> 1 - Knoppix Hacks, Rankin
> No Starch:
> 1 - Linux Cookbook, Stutz
> Addison - Wesley:
> 1 - RailsSpace, Hartl & Prochazka
> 1 - Moving to Ubuntu Linux, Gagne
> Prentice Hall:
> 2 - The Official Ubuntu Book (2nd ed), Mako Hill et al
> 1 - JBoss Seam (Simplicity and Power beyond Java EE), Yuan and Heute
> Apress:
> 1 - Beginning Ubuntu Linux (2nd ed), Thomas
> 1 - Beginning Fedora (From Novice to Professional), Sharma and Thomas
> Novell:
> 1 - Novell Cluster Services for Linux and Netware, Bastiaansen and van 
> Vugt
> Sams:
> 1 - Linux Starter Kit (SUSE and video lessons on DVD with booklet), 
> <no_author_credit>
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