[Balug-Admin] SF-LUG.COM replacement box (& BALUG)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Aug 30 06:38:54 PDT 2007

Well, treat replacing the sf-lug.com box as an "upgrade".

... basically all the data stays the same - or as same as feasible,
or at *least* fully back up all the data and metadata, so all the
applicable desired functionality and data can be restored and
put back in place as soon as feasible.

May also be quite desirable to tweak the filesystem configuration and
mirroring a bit when doing the "upgrade" ... most notably, I know there's
been desire to set up the disk mirroring to be quite symetrical - at
present I don't think it's quite as symetrical as desired.  Some of
the filesystem heirarchy should also be split a bit more into separate
filesystems, ... most notably I'd strongly recommend /usr and /var
be separate filesystems.  I'd also recommend /tmp be tmpfs.
Among the metadata, also gather size and sizing information (e.g.
du -sx /var; du -sx /usr; sfdisk -uS -l; sfdisk -uS -d).


$ hostname; df -k /var /usr; mount | awk '{if($3=="/tmp")print;}'
Filesystem           1K-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
/dev/md0               9612516   3323336   5800888  37% /
/dev/md0               9612516   3323336   5800888  37% /
/dev/hda9 on /tmp type ext3 (rw)

Quoting jim stockford <jim@well.com>:

>     it looks like we're getting a replacement box,
> which means revisiting box issues, notably
> hostname and the install-configs of the various
> apps on the box (notably postfix and apache).
>     comments and opinions are welcome.

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