[Balug-Admin] Announce "No Dec Meeting?"; etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Dec 10 12:56:04 PST 2007

Sounds like a good basic plan.

I was thinking, for the Dec. announce of ESR for Jan., and Dec. "no meeting"
announce, perhaps I/we (at least to the BALUG announce list) do two
messages - one covering each, in very quick (back-to-back) succession.
Folks would be more likely to notice/catch each of the particular
parts of note (ESR in Jan., and no Dec. meeting) with them being two
separate e-mails.  That would also about exhaust our quota of e-mail sends
to "announce" for the month ... but that should be fine, as we shouldn't
have anything else to send out until next year (say, Jan. 2nd).

For other (non-BALUG) lists/forums, though, should probably be one combined
message in Dec (mostly promoting ESR in Jan; no Dec. BALUG meeting is
mostly just a "footnote" and not too exiting for folks to read on
non-BALUG lists).

Also, for better impact on the BALUG lists, I'd like to make the changes
I mentioned earlier about list policy tweaks - most notably automagic
subscription to "announce" for those on "talk" or "admin" lists (unless
they send an e-mail to "opt out" for automagic addition to "announce").

The mention of those changes can go out on "talk" and "admin" lists,
for "announce" it can just be a small footnote (probably tagged onto
the "no Dec." meeting e-mailing) ... and that tweak to list policy needn't
(and probably shouldn't) be sent out to non-BALUG lists.

Quoting Andrew Fife <afife@untangle.com>:

> How does this modified plan sound for Balug Talk & Announce lists:
> 1)Announce January meeting with ESR 3 times
> 2)Use the first announcement to also mention in a side note that there is
> no Dec meeting...   
> 3)People that RSVP will get an extra final reminder 
> Schedule of announcements would look something like this:
> Week of Dec 9th-15th - First announcement w/ no Dec meeting reminder
> Week of Jan 6th-12th - Second announcement
> Jan 14th - 3rd announcement
> Jan 15th - Reminder to RSVPs only

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