[Balug-Admin] Offer to Film January's BALUG Meeting

Christian Einfeldt einfeldt@gmail.com
Thu Dec 27 11:15:27 PST 2007


On Dec 27, 2007 10:47 AM, Andrew Fife <afife@untangle.com> wrote:

>  Hi BALUG volunteers:
> Chrisitan Einfeldt is curious to know whether or not he can film BALUG's
> January meeting.  I see no problem with this, but I do know that SVLUG had a
> bit of an uproar when some of their sessions were recorded by Google and
> posted on Youtube w/o a free licenses.

Everything that the DTP cameras shoot will be released under a cc by-SA
license and posted to the Internet Archive's Digital Tipping Point Video
Collection (IA DTP VC).  We already have 56 hours of such video in raw form
posted here:


That footage is raw footage, and will need to be re-rendered before it is
used in any final project.

Our keyword search index page is located below.  It is the place to go to
find specific persons or themes for our footage.   The Internet Archive is
currently changing its search software, and so the index might not be
operational again until January 3, 2008, although we have had occasion full
service restored intermittently.  The index is operational today.  Here is
the index page nonetheless:


I would want to ensure that the BALUG community had access to the film.  For
> me, posting to Youtube (or preferably another higher quality site) would be
> good enough, but having witnessed the SVLUG spat, it might be better to
> request the film be licensed under the creative commons or something like
> that.
> I am a big fan of YouTube, but we nonetheless release all of our footage
on the IA DTP VC under a cc by-SA license simulatenously with any YouTube
release, for a couple of reasons:  1)  the IA has a great index; 2) less
concerns with licensing, as our cc by-SA license is plainly evident; 3) the
IA DTP VC footage exists in both ogg theora and .mpg format, which means
that it will be indexable and taggable by Annodex technology when that
becomes widely available; 4) both of those formats are offered in relatively
hi-res format, which makes it more useful for people who want to rip and mix
it for Internet video; 5) it gives the community some sense of ownership of
the video.

>  If we don't hear back from anyone on this issue, the default is going to
> be to let Christian film so long as he makes it accessible to BALUG in some
> way.
Please note that it might take a little while for the footage to be posted
to the IA DTP VC, as we need to rough edit it first, and we have a long line
of footage ahead of it.  But if we could get some help from the community in
rough editing the footage for our film, we would really appreciate it.
Please do recall that this is *your* footage, meaning that it will all be
available for free (as in freedom) and free (as in beer).  We are hoping
that the community will take ownership of it, which means chipping in to
help get the word out there to the world.  We are doing all of our editing
on FOSS tools, and so we hope that this DTP film will be the world's first
film about FOSS using all FOSS tools and finished in a collaborative FOSS
fashion.  One of our community members has even written a nice BASH tool
chain to take some of the drudgery out of doing the work:


The other thing to remember is that audio in that room will be really
tough.  The best solution to solving the problem is to use a wireless lav
mic that we can hand around.  Lighting will also be tough, and so if people
want to bring lights, that would be great.  Painters' lights work really
well, although since that room is so huge, we will need several people to
bring such lights.  The DTP project truly is an open source project in every
sense of the phrase.  The story is our story; it literally is going to be a
movie about us -- the people in our community.  Of course, we have also
traveled to 6 nations and 3 continents getting footage on historical figures
such as the Mayor of Munich and the Culture MInister of Brazil and an IT
adviser to now UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown.  A rough proof of concept
video is here to demonstrate that we have interviewed all of the above, as
well as Jack Messman, the former CEO of Novell:


The goal of our film is to link up all these far-flung individuals to show
how we are working together across language, geographic barriers, and
language barriers to bring freedom to cyberspace around the world.  Our
local community will act as an example of the broader global movement.

Thanks either way for considering our request, folks!

Christian Einfeldt,
Producer, The Digital Tipping Point
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