[Balug-admin] BALUG (& other user groups) at / represented at LinuxWorld Expo

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Tue Jul 10 23:33:19 PDT 2007

In not necessarily any particular order:

*  No reason not to have most of this on the "admin" list - reaches
   more folks that way (and a relevant "audience") ... some of it is
   even probably appropriate for the "talk" list, ... also publicly
   archived, so much more findable and easier for folks to catch up
   on the earlier "conversations".

*  At the June BALUG meeting, the idea discussed was getting fortune
   cookies made with custom messages inserted, and distributing them
   at LinuxWorld Expo as a means of promoting/publicizing BALUG.  Got the
   information on recommended bakeries, haven't gotten pricing (and lead
   time) information.  Someone want to check into that?  Here's the
   Bakerys' contact information (at least what I have thus far):

     Golden Gate Fortune Cookies Co.
     56 Ross Alley
     San Francisco, CA  94108-1204

     Mee Mee Bakery
     1328 Stockton St.
     San Francisco, CA  94133-3807

   tie-ins: BALUG meets in Chinatown at Chinese restaurant, and fortune
   cookies were invented in San Francisco (and from the above bakeries,
   these would be fortune cookies made in San Francisco)

   Anyway, no need to wait on me to complete the research - someone want to
   jump on it?  (e.g. call 'em and get lead time and information on pricing -
   minimum qty., and pricing qty. breaks up to some reasonable $$ figure -
   or perhaps there's a fixed set-up charge, and then set cost per unit for
   any single production run)

As for myself and LinuxWorld Expo - most of what booth time I have will likely
be at the Debian booth.  I can probably manage to also occasionally get
stuff (e.g. flyers) to/from the event.  I do work in San Francisco ...
but not as absurdly close to the event location as I used to.  In years
past (and I'll likely do so again) for Debian and Bay Area Debian (BAD)
I made up little 1/4 sheet mini-flyers promoting the Bay Area Debian (BAD)
meeting (which, not having fixed location, was intentionally located very
conveniently close to LinuxWorld Expo), and on the back of that mini-flyer
I put a fair bit of information on other regional user groups (most notably
also including the BALE URL).  There was also a fair bit of Debian stuff
too, on one or both sides of that mini-flyer.  Anyway, thus far plan for BAD
is about the same - at least for what I have in mind ... this year (as also
I think two, but not one year ago), LinuxWorld happens to line up with date
of BAD meeting (but not BALUG this year).

Anyway, I suppose it depends what user groups want to do.  Individual flyers
and such are easier to not have to coordinate what goes on them ... but to
the extent that many LUGs might not have a lot of folks to do booth volunteer
time, there's more to coordinate on getting the materials to the event and
seeing that they get distributed.  Anyway, if there is a (general) LUG booth,
and/or even if there are other LUGs (e.g. LUGOD) with their own booth willing
to display and hand stuff out, the information and such should make it out
there fairly well.  Of course having more volunteers there at the booth(s)
that are quite familiar with the LUGs helps even more.

Quoting Larry Platzek <larryp@inow.com>:

> At June balug meeting Discussed attend LWE Someone was going to check on 
> fortune cookies to be handed out, Then get the information to the rest of 
> us. That appears not to have happened so balug is not going have a booth/ 
> help at a booth.
> I have heath issues to deal with so can not plan on being at LWE and Dick 
> Verna has his work to do so can attend.
> If others want to doing something that is ok by me.
> Larry
>   On Mon, 9 Jul 2007, jim stockford wrote:
> > Date: Mon, 9 Jul 2007 20:00:04 -0700
> > From: jim stockford <jim@well.com>
> > To: balug-speaker-coordinators@sf-lug.com
> > Cc: Larry Platzek <larryp@inow.com>,
> >     Michael Paoli <Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu>,
> >     Dick Verna <rverna01@comcast.net>
> > Subject: Immediate response needed (Re LinuxWorld Expo) 
> > 
> >
> >
> > Dear LUG honcho,
> >
> > Would you like your LUG represented at LinuxWorld Expo?
> > If so, at the very least, let Briana know immediately
> > per email thread below.
> >
> > Please also, if you're inclined, let jim@well.com know.
> > I know that LUGOD is interested, tho' I can't speak for
> > them (Bill Kendricks may be able to).
> >
> > It would be helpful to us all to coordinate a bit,
> > maybe hand out each others' promo and educational
> > material, make sure the booth has someone at it as
> > often as possible (i.e. create and coordinate shifts).
> >
> >
> > --------------------------
> >
> > From Briana:
> > I will hold off on ordering until tomorrow.
> > I appreciate your help.
> >
> > ____________________________
> > Briana Pontremoli
> > Marketing Manager
> > IDG World Expo
> > 3 Speen Street, Suite 320
> > Framingham, MA  01701

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