[Balug-admin] BALUG - fortune cookies, helping BALUG, etc.

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Thu Jul 19 06:17:09 PDT 2007


I didn't manage to comb through and find all or most all of the
relevant URLs of information to check out, but here are at least
several key ones:
website transitions & status, etc. (almost current information,
also includes mention of some items we could use a bit more
volunteers/resources on):
BALUG speaker coordination wiki page:
BALUG web site:
BALUG lists:
fortune cookie background:
and fortune cookie update:
There's been lots of discussion about a (combined) LUG booth at LWE,
much of that discussion - at least what I've seen - has happened on
the SF-LUG list (mostly with subjects containing "LWE", "Linux World"
or "LinuxWorld"):
SF-LUG is a separate LUG, here are their websites:
Bay Area Debian (BAD) (http://bad.debian.net/) will be
represented (at least a bit) at LinuxWorld at the Debian booth.
There may be quite a number of LUGs represented at the
combined LUG booth at LWE.
new.balug.org (to become www.balug.org) is on the same box as
The old BALUG web page (rather dysfunctional and mostly stripped of all
the URLs (mostly commented out) that got broken through prior transitions)
is still accessible as:

Quoting Michael Paoli <Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu>:

> Andrew,
> Sorry I didn't get back to you a bit sooner, ... catching up on
> personal e-mail and such this evening, ...
> I did get more information today on getting fortune cookies made up
> with custom message in them.  I'll write up a bit more on that and
> also send it to our "admin" list (where more folks get to see it,
> and it's also publicly archived).  I've got that and some other
> BALUG stuff to work on and poke at this evening (to the extent I have
> time ... that's one of about 3 things I'm working on this evening).
> One bit of good news on fortune cookies - lead times are a fair bit
> shorter than I guestimated.  The longest leadtime that was stated to me
> was one week - and the other bakery stated 3 to 4 days.  Of course we
> still have to work out exactly what we want on the little slip of paper
> and such, but we do have some wiggle room - thus far - on the timing.
> Anyway, hope to get caught up on most of those bits between now and
> tomorrow morning.
> Some things you might want to peek at for starters ...
> BALUG web site:
> http://www.balug.org/
> our lists on there (you might want to subscribe to at least the
> "announce" list, and if you'd like to help out more, subscribing to the
> "admin" list is highly useful, there's also the "talk" list for more
> general LINUX/BALUG discussion).  They're all publicly archived (if you
> have time, you can read/skim the "admin" postings over the past few
> months or so (there aren't all that many of them) ... I'll probably
> get around to pointing out some more key ones (and of course there's
> some new bits to send to the list too).
> There are e-mail contacts also on our web page ... the ones presently noted
> at the bottom (for webmaster, balug contact, and speaker coordination)
> are probably most useful, and go to the appropriate folks (e.g.
> balug-contact goes presently to me, Dick, and Larry;
> balug-speaker-coordinators goes to about a half dozen of us that work on
> (or at least try to track) speakers/presentations and the coordination
> thereof).
> Let me/us know if you want to get added to our balug-speaker-coordinators
> e-mail alias.

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