[Balug-admin] fortune cookie themed logo ...

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Sun Jul 22 16:39:47 PDT 2007

So, I was thinking ...:
Not too radically different, but work in the fortune cookie, retain the
Four Seas Restaurant logo, ...

I was thinking put it on the BALUG site (in place of the "regular" logo)
from 2007-08-06 (first day of LinuxWorld - conference & on-site registration
open that day, Expo opens the following day), and have it up there
through ... 2007-09-06 ... that would give it a full month, and span
a BALUG meeting.

I was thinking perhaps put the image up as an image map, and having the
portion including and closely around the fortune cookie part of the image
be a link to a page giving more information on why we did the fortune cookie,
contribution acknowledgements, etc.

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