[Balug-Admin] these days balug talk list is quiet, what are the chances ...

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Jul 25 00:55:13 PDT 2007

I've noticed that with many UG lists, ... many of them are, for the most part
much "quieter" now, than they were in, ... oh, ... roughly 2003 - 2004 time

A typically "pattern" I tend to see in the more recent years, are many of
them are quite much/most of the time, ... there are some occasional messages,
and once in a while a rather active thread/cascade of messages starts
(typically "triggered" from message - and not necessarily first in the
"thread") ... activity picks up, ... but after a while that over-all
thread mostly quiets back down and typically fades into the background
again (sometimes fairly quickly, sometimes going on for quite a while).

Anyway, seems there used to be a fair amount more general activity
on various lists I was (and am) still on ... at least for most lists,

I wonder if anyone has some more substantially statistics on such
trends/patterns ... oh, ... say, spanning the from 10 years ago to the
present (e.g. some measure of activity of user groups and their
lists across that time span).  Might make for interesting data (and may
also be interesting to see what it does and/or doesn't correlate or
strongly correlate to).

Quoting jim stockford <jim@well.com>:

>     these days the balug talk list is quiet. what are
> the chances it could become voluminously active?
>     thanks for the stats.

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