[Balug-Admin] BALUG dinner prices going up!(?) to $13.00!(?)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Jul 25 01:34:53 PDT 2007

I did talk with Dick a bit earlier (evening of 2007-07-24).
It looks like we'll likely need to raise the BALUG dinner price
a moderate bit.

What we're looking at, is moving the price up to $13.00 ($12.00 per person
to go to restaurant, $1.00 goes towards covering speaker/presenter's dinner
at BALUG and/or other miscellaneous BALUG expenses).

This would be the first time in quite a while (probably at least 4 years)
that the restaurant portion would be going up (they've been getting the
same $10.00 per diner from us for quite a number of years now - and
that's including tax and tip).

Anyway, hopefully the additional $2.00 wouldn't keep too many people away.
At $12.00/head (to the restaurant) for all the food, tax and tip included,
and the presentation space we generally* have available to us, it's still a
pretty good bargain, ... and I think at least most attendees could reasonably
absorb the extra $2.00 in cost without too much (if any) pain.

*since we pay nothing extra for the presentation facilities, our basic
arrangement is we're subject to being "bumped" - i.e. if someone else
books the room (for $$) or the room is otherwise unavailable, we don't
get to use it - but most of the time, we have the room available to us -
at least for presentations and such (if we're not that numerous, they'll
often serve us downstairs - more convenient for them, and we also get
more attentive service downstairs - at least if we're a more modest sized

So, ... not that we have a whole lot of wiggle room on the matter, ... but,

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