[Balug-Admin] updated flyer?

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Nov 7 07:40:48 PST 2007

Thanks for the updated flyer.

It's now available on-line at:

PDF is "fine" (or at least okay) format, ... and relatively defacto
standard for presentation format (generally quite consistent rendering).

For some odd reason though, GIMP (at least version I was dealing with) wasn't
handling it okay ... but xpdf (also open source) would render/display it
just fine.  And as "attachment" is fine too.

Quoting Andrew Fife <afife@untangle.com>:

> I think PDF is pretty common way of sharing documents across various
> platforms, but if attaching the flyer causes confusion, I'm cool with
> leaving it off.  
> The new(er) version of the November flyer is attached.  My version of the
> text is a mix of several people's, but I've included copies in both .pdf &
> MS Publisher so that folks can make changes if they wish.  MS Publisher
> licenses aren't that common and I don't know of an open source equivalent,
> but if anyone else does, please let me know and I'll convert &
> redistribute the file.

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