[Balug-Admin] updated flyer - now also linked from main web page

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Nov 7 13:10:59 PST 2007

I've also added link to the updated flyer on our web page.

And yes, thanks, it does look (read) much better than the earlier version(s)
of that flyer.


Quoting Michael Paoli:

> Thanks for the updated flyer.
> It's now available on-line at:
> http://www.balug.org/flyers/2007-11-20.pdf
> Quoting Andrew Fife:
> > The new(er) version of the November flyer is attached.  My version of the
> > text is a mix of several people's, but I've included copies in both .pdf

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