[Balug-Admin] BALUG also on virtual host provided by Untangle.com; ...

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Nov 26 00:21:37 PST 2007

Still a work in progress, but ... check it out:

So, what's going on?

http://www.balug.org/ is legacy site (hosted by DreamHost.com)
http://www1.balug.org/* is (new.balug.org.) on the sf-lug.com. box 
http://www2.balug.org/** is virtual host I installed Sunday (on
resources provided by Untangle.com)

Excepting some legacy materials, contents from
automagically*** propagate to the two other sites.

The longer term goal (hopefully not too horribly far off) is to 
complete successful extraction of legacy content we care about from the
DreamHost.com site (along with smooth migration of mail lists), and to
have (at least) two hosts provide the BALUG services (for failover
and/or relatively high availability).  Anyway, we're a few steps closer
to that now, with our third (and second non-DreamHost.com) host
(virtual host in this case).

Note that the DNS names shown here may be subject to change (e.g.
www.balug.org should persist, most other names may be subject to change).

* I haven't adjusted its redirect rules since I added www1.balug.org,
so it takes that host name it doesn't recognize, and redirects to its
default canonical name for that webserver on that IP

** still lots more configuration to do there ... it just serves up the
pages loaded there with a nearly default configuration.

*** via some rsync scripts and use of ssh with ssh keys; in general,
changes should propagate within approximately 15 minutes or less

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