[Balug-Admin] BALUG Announcement Email Decision

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Fri Nov 30 21:46:16 PST 2007

Or, to perhaps put at least part of what came of that discussion 
another way, "Know your audience"(/list/forum/...) I.e. know the
communication channel to which one puts the information, and try to be
optimally suitable for that communication channel (e.g. not too much or
too often, nor to little or too seldom).  Also know when/how they
like/prefer their information/announcements, what they're more - or
less - likely to be interested in, etc., and tailor things accordingly
(at least as much as feasible).

We should probably note some of these details (at least to the extent we 
know/learn them) on our event communications wiki page (presently 
located at:

Quoting Andrew Fife <afife@untangle.com>:

> Dear All:
> An impromptu BALUG steering committee was held after the last BALUG
> including myself, Dick, Michael P., Jim Stockford and Tom Belote.  Jesse
> Z. was also there but wasn't involved in this part of the discussion.   
> We made the following decision on how to use other LUG's mailing lists for
> making BALUG announcements:
> -Default to sending 1 BALUG announcement email per month but be sure to
> include a note at the bottom of the message about how list members can
> give feedback
> -Adjust announcements according to feedback
> -Adjust plan for any other LUG mailing lists that we already know 1
> message per month is not optimal, like Conspire, where it is too much and
> SFLUG where reminders are okay  
> On a side note, we are also going to encourage people to sign up for the
> low volume Balug announce list whenever announcing on other LUGs lists.  
> I will probably do two announcements 

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