[Balug-Admin] BALUG Announcement Email Decision

Andrew Fife afife@untangle.com
Wed Nov 28 13:57:46 PST 2007

Dear All:

An impromptu BALUG steering committee was held after the last BALUG
including myself, Dick, Michael P., Jim Stockford and Tom Belote.  Jesse
Z. was also there but wasn't involved in this part of the discussion.   

We made the following decision on how to use other LUG's mailing lists for
making BALUG announcements:

-Default to sending 1 BALUG announcement email per month but be sure to
include a note at the bottom of the message about how list members can
give feedback
-Adjust announcements according to feedback
-Adjust plan for any other LUG mailing lists that we already know 1
message per month is not optimal, like Conspire, where it is too much and
SFLUG where reminders are okay  

On a side note, we are also going to encourage people to sign up for the
low volume Balug announce list whenever announcing on other LUGs lists.  

I will probably do two announcements 


Andrew Fife
Untangle - Open Source Security Gateway

650.425.3327 (O)
415.806.6028 (C)

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