[Balug-Admin] Probably should not have been approved for "announce": Maemo (N800 Linux tablet) course at Stanford on November 6

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Mon Oct 15 20:28:10 PDT 2007

This message probably should not have been approved for the BALUG "announce"
The evidence would seem to indicate it got "approved" (perhaps someone
accidentally clicked the wrong item or thought it was for a different list),
though it's not impossible that it may have been passed/approved through some
header forging or the like.

The message would have been okay for "talk" (that's a relatively open forum,
though it could still do without all the attachments).

"announce", however should be quite low volume (like 1 to 3 messages per month)
and quite topical to BALUG (not a catch-all for any and/or everything LINUX,
OpenSource, etc., that anyone and/or everyone may care to announce).

If there are non-BALUG events of note that we want to mention on "announce",
it's probably most suitable to include a short mention and reference to such
along with one of our regular mailings to "announce" ... if at all.

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