[Balug-Admin] Fwd: new.balug.org vs.(?) beta.balug.org (Re: beta.balug.org. (?) and other useful ideas?)

Michael Paoli Michael.Paoli@cal.berkeley.edu
Wed Sep 5 05:29:22 PDT 2007

And some information/clarification on new vs. beta (somewhat different
purposes).  Also, since that earlier e-mail (later on 2007-09-01) some
infrastructure has been put in place to automagically propagate at least
some web content from http://www.new.balug.org/ to http://www.balug.org/

Also, at least some initial bits of the beta.balug.org. infrastructure
have been put into place (DNS, a very minimal bit of web stuff - doesn't
yet have it's own DocumentRoot separate from new.balug.org, but that will
likely happen in the near future).


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This is primarily for our webmaster(s), but also for our BALUG
systems administrators and (at least key) contacts, to be sure we're
all at least reasonably "on the same page".

A) new.balug.org. - please treat it (at least almost) like production -
certainly at least in terms of web page content and the like (at least
for stuff on/under http://www.new.balug.org/ on (default of) port 80.
I will likely quite soon set up mechanism(s) to automagically
replicate at least specific web content (page(s)) from
http://www.new.balug.org/ (certainly at least including the main
page there) to the main BALUG page (http://www.balug.org/)
(for lazy (or efficient) typists, the www. can be ommitted in
those URLs, and that will likely always be the case).  This will
also make life a bit easier for our webmasters :-)

B) new.balug.org isn't the (proposed) beta.balug.org, nor will it be
(though they may share the same IP address).  new.balug.org. has mostly
been and will become staging for production www.balug.org.  Longer term,
new.balug.org would likely replace www.balug.org (taking www.balug.org's
name).  Even longer term (at least as thus far proposed - exactly in what
order things change might be subject to change) beta.balug.org
would eventually merge its functionality into www.balug.org (and as
beta.balug.org went or faded away, it would redirect what's migrated to
the location of that material on www.balug.org.)

C) beta.balug.org - at least thus far hearing mostly positive feedback on
the idea, I'll probably soon start to proceed more in that direction (no
"heavy" investments until I'm sure we have something between consensus and
at least a quite overwhelming supermajority).

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