[Balug-Admin] consider changing the format ... brief time that lets people make announcements

jim stockford jim@well.com
Fri Sep 21 13:36:27 PDT 2007

i don't recall, so i guess i'm suggesting formalizing
it at least to the degree that we all know when to
expect the announcement time: so we can button
up until then if we want to announce, so we can
be sure to be in or out of the bathroom depending
on our wish to hear announcements, and so that
people who are there but don't know what to do to
announce will have a cue.

On Sep 21, 2007, at 12:39 PM, Michael Paoli wrote:

> I think we more-or-less already do that, ... just not all that
> formally.  Typically, frequently, commonly just before the
> talk/presentation starts, and/or around when the more
> formal part of talk/presentation ends, we tend to make,
> and allow for brief announcements (e.g. plug our upcoming
> meetings events, other events of note, and if someone wants
> to make a quite brief announcement that's relevant, they can).
> Quoting jim stockford:
>>     we might consider changing the meeting format
>> to allow what bayPIGgies call "mapping", a brief
>> time that lets people make announcements
>> (including a plea for a ride after the meeting)
>> such as hiring and other things.
>>     seems to me possible good times for such an
>> interlude would be at the start of dinner or just
>> before the speaker begins. probably limit total
>> time to five or seven minutes, each speaker
>> getting maybe 60 seconds.
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