[BALUG-Admin] Fwd: No Cost to Attend - Register Today for CommunityOne 2008!

Andrew Fife afife@untangle.com
Sun Apr 13 23:19:30 PDT 2008

I don't intend to post this to balug-talk but wanted to put it out there in case anyone else on balug-admin feels differently.  I do wonder if this is spam because it was sent to rsvp@balug.org, which seems like a weird place for a human to send this kind of announcement.  Also, its from a yahoo.com address rather than a sun.com address, which could also be fishy.

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From: "Laura Lindstrom" <laura_lindstrom@yahoo.com>
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Subject: No Cost to Attend - Register Today for CommunityOne 2008!

Attention Bay Area Linux Users Group (BALUG) : Reward Your Members With a Night Out at Thirsty Bear Brewing Company in San Francisco! 

The association or user group with the most members who register for and attend CommunityOne on May 5 will win a $500 gift certificate for food and beverage at Thirsty Bear. Just send your group’s exclusive registration link (below), to all of your members and urge them to use it when registering for CommunityOne. Registered members MUST attend in order to count towards your group’s total number. The winning group will be notified at the end of CommunityOne after all registrations and attendance has been tallied. 

Feel free to use the following email copy to communicate with your members about the Conference and the contest. 

Please direct any questions to: Laura Lindstrom, laura_lindstrom@yahoo.com 

Good luck! 


A free and open developer conference 

May 5, 2008 | The Moscone Center | San Francisco, CA 

While the admission is FREE, space is limited! Register today with your group’s exclusive priority link: 


Advance your skills in 70+ sessions led by experts and contributors 

from more than 30 projects spanning the open source stack and powering the Internet: 

• Scripting and RIAs: PHP, AJAX, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, JavaFX, 

and jMaki 

• Tools: NetBeans, Eclipse, Subversion, and Others 

• Web 2.0 Applications: Social Networks, Mashups, and 

Web Services 

• Chip Design: OpenSPARC 

• Web-Scale Computing: HPC, SaaS, Utility/Cloud, OpenSSO, 

and Project Darkstar 

• Operating Systems: OpenSolaris and Linux Distributions 

• Web and Application Servers: GlassFish, Apache, and JBoss 

• Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Java DB 

• And more: Music, Robotics, ODF, OpenDS, OpenJDK, 

OpenOffice.org, Mobile and Embedded, and Strategy 


You’ll also have complimentary access to the 2008 JavaOneSM conference general sessions and Pavilion on Tuesday, May 6. 

Register Today – It’s FREE! 


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