[BALUG-Admin] 2nd BALUG Email Announcement on High Volume Lists?

Andrew Fife afife@untangle.com
Mon Feb 11 17:24:30 PST 2008

Hi BALUG Volunteers:

What do you guys think about making a 2nd BALUG announcement that reminds
folks of Bruce Peren's talk next week on high volume LUG lists in the
area?  Specifically, I am thinking that the talk lists of ACCU, SVLUG,
SFLUG and BayPiggies are high enough volume that a reminder may be seen as
helpful (or at a minimum not bother folks).  Does anyone else have any
input here?


Andrew Fife
Untangle - Open Source Security Gateway

650.425.3327 (O)
415.806.6028 (C)

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