[BALUG-Admin] Featured Job Sponsor @ BALUG?

Andrew Fife afife@untangle.com
Wed Feb 13 11:08:47 PST 2008

Hi Guys:


A recruiter for IPsoft recently contacted me about a couple of open
SysAdmin positions.  I guess he got my name from one of the LUG mailing
lists.  What do you guys think about offering him 4 minutes to present 2
featured jobs on the projector prior to the Talk in exchange for buying
say $250 worth beer at the event?  I'll ask him to pay the Four Seas in
cash directly and have them put out a selection of bottled beer in ice.  I
figure that will be 50 to 75 beers depending on what the Four Seas charges
for each beer, ie, about 1 per person depending on exactly how many people
show up. 





Andrew Fife
Untangle - Open Source Security Gateway

650.425.3327 (O)
415.806.6028 (C)


From: Dustin Long [mailto:Dustin.Long@ip-soft.net] 
Sent: Wednesday, February 13, 2008 6:53 AM
To: afife@untangle.com
Subject: IPsoft


Good Day Andrew,


I recently joined the San Francisco User Group and was wondering if you
could help me out.  As you can see IPsoft is not a recruiting firm or
staffing agency.  I am an internal recruiter for the company in the US and
we are launching our first office in San Francisco.  I was wondering if
you could help me out with a referral or two.


We are actively seeking two SOLID Level 2 or Level 3 Linux System
Administrators to join our newly created office.  Do you know anyone who
would be interested in working for our company?  We are currently in
hyper-growth phase competing with companies such as Verizon Business, IBM
and EDS.  Our autonomic systems have set an unprecedented bench mark in
the industry and Fortune 1000 companies globally are turning to us for
their solutions.


I have attached other position to this email should you know anyone else.


Please let me know if you have any questions and look forward to hearing
from you.  Thank you!







Dustin Long

Corporate Recruiter

IPsoft, Inc.

17 State St. 14th Floor

New York, N.Y. 10004


 <http://www.ip-soft.net> http://www.ip-soft.net

Phone:  (212) 708-5661

Fax:  (212) 353-2454



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