[BALUG-Admin] Sept Meeting @ 585 Howard

Jesse Zbikowski embeddedlinuxguy@gmail.com
Wed Jul 2 14:36:11 PDT 2008

2008/7/2 Andrew Fife <afife@untangle.com>:
> With the help of Alan Duboff and Steve Lau, we have secured a new location
> for the September meeting.  (As a reminder, the Four Seas cannont host BALUG
> on 9/16/08)  The new location will be at Songbird's office at 585 Howard
> near 2nd street.  The location can hold aprox 75 people.

Nice; beautifully appointed spot and very friendly hosts.

> 1)Given that the speaker (Ian Murdock) is likely to be quite popular and we
> have a limited amount of space, should we enforce a mandatory RSVP?

If more than 75 people RSVP, then we may have to turn folks away at the door.

> 2)Given that we won't have the goodwill from the Four Seas kitchen, I'll
> probably windup fronting the cash for food.  Pizza/soda seems like the
> logical choice any objections?

Of course this is acceptable.  I would like to make an alternative
suggestion though.  Some months ago I was at HackMeet, a very low
budget event.  The organizers procured a whole platter of Vietnamese
sandwiches (aka bahn mi) for lunch.  These were a big hit and very
inexpensive (retail for about $2.25 a pop, maybe cheaper in bulk).  If
there is interest in going this route, I would be happy to check in
with some of the local Vietnamese sandwich shops.

> 3)Given that dinner is likely to be pizza/soda should we lower the cost of
> dinner to say $8 or $5?

It would be reasonable to make some such adjustment, naturally keeping
in mind that you have to over-order a bit to make sure there's enough.

BTW, what is a typical ratio of RSVPs / attendees these days?

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