[BALUG-Admin] Meeting with the Small Business Administration !!

Andrew Fife afife@untangle.com
Mon Jun 9 13:49:37 PDT 2008

Copying "balug-admin" in on this message.

It doesn't look like this event has any Linux or F/OSS content so I would
not be in favor of BALUG announcing or endorsing the event.

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I'm hosting a meeting with recruiters and the Small Business
(www.sba.org) for next Tuesday - June 17th.

Evite URL: http://www.evite.com/app/publicUrl/CWWBHDBITKJETMBMOIQE/sba

I would like for you to attend this meeting - so that we can chat about
perhaps having a similar meeting with the Linux LUG Heads in about 30-60
days.  Folks can learn about getting small business loans - and actually
talk with a lender (no matter what the credit score) - and could be
instrumental in helping some folks out !!!

I know that the BALUG meeting is the 3rd Tuesday of the month -any chance
we could join these two meetings together... Or have one on the first
floor - the other event on the 2nd... Having both groups meet up with the
SBA before head... (just a thought !)

This can be VERY helpful information to independent contractors - and
people who might to entertain starting a small business - providing Linux
tech support, sales, etc.

Give me a call = and we can discuss.

I am also DESPERATELY trying to find a candidate for this SENIOR LINUX
SYSTEM ADMINISTRATOR (see job description)...  Any attention to you can
get this position - would certainly be GREATLY APPRECIATED !!

Hope to see you at this SBA meeting - and lets start making plans for one
with the SBA and the local Linux Groups - sometime in the VERY near

It's all about "community!" - especially during these very difficult
economic times. !!

Keep in touch - and I'll do the same.

Daniel Parrillo
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thanks both for giving me your time yesterday. i checked the sf-lug
list under D, G, and S. your names don't appear. here's the sign-up link:

Tech connect is part of sfconnect
they sponsor events and promote community actions having to do mainly with
low-income people.

andrew fife, a marcom guy for untangle, is active on the sf-lug, balug,
svlug mailing lists. he helps promote local F/OSS events.

lugradio is putting on an event:
> As you may or may not be aware, the very first LugRadio Live USA in
> 2008 is taking place at The Metreon in San Francisco. The event will
> be happening on the 12th and 13th April 2008...
> LugRadio Live has developed a strong reputation for providing a range
> of topics about free software, Open Source, digital rights, technology
> and more, a compelling list of speakers, exhibitors and birds of a
> feather sessions...
> Exhibitor space is free; we don't charge, because LugRadio Live is a
> community event....
> You can check who is speaking and how the event is shaping up by
> checking http://lugradio.org/live/USA2008/

the san francisco community colocation project is at http://www.sfccp.net
they, too, are active in the community and provide low-cost colocation
facilities for non-profits and other community-oriented enterprises.

The ServePath colocation facility provides colo space for a machine that
hosts both the sf-lug and the balug web sites.

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