[BALUG-Admin] "BALUG"(+) booth at LinuxWorld

Andrew Fife afife@untangle.com
Tue Jun 10 13:55:36 PDT 2008

Jorge Mare wrote:

>For us, the main interest in having a booth at LW is to be able to
showcase Haiku 
>(the OS that we are developing). We are a relatively young (and yet
>project, so we want/need the exposure. For that, we would want to be able
>handout flyers and have at least one laptop running Haiku at the booth.
>From your 
>email, it sounds as if this would not be a problem.
For show casing the Haiku OS, you really need to apply for a Haiku booth
in the .org pavillion.  If the Haiku User Group wants to pass out flyers
about its _meetings_ that would be fine, but the LUG booth isn't abour
promoting one distro vs. another.  Rather the LUG booth is about letting
folks know about social and technical resources they availible to them in
Northern California.  

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