[BALUG-Admin] "BALUG"(+) booth at LinuxWorld

jim jim@well.com
Tue Jun 10 14:19:25 PDT 2008

   my understanding is that the table we're getting 
this coming august will be half of what we had at 
the last linuxworld (august 2007). it shouldn't pose 
a problem, but people should be mindful as they plan. 

On Tue, 2008-06-10 at 13:55 -0700, Andrew Fife wrote:
> Jorge Mare wrote:
> >For us, the main interest in having a booth at LW is to be able to
> showcase Haiku
> >(the OS that we are developing). We are a relatively young (and yet
> unknown)
> >project, so we want/need the exposure. For that, we would want to be
> able to
> >handout flyers and have at least one laptop running Haiku at the
> booth. From your
> >email, it sounds as if this would not be a problem.
> For show casing the Haiku OS, you really need to apply for a Haiku
> booth in the .org pavillion.  If the Haiku User Group wants to pass
> out flyers about its _meetings_ that would be fine, but the LUG booth
> isn't abour promoting one distro vs. another.  Rather the LUG booth is
> about letting folks know about social and technical resources they
> availible to them in Northern California. 
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