[BALUG-Admin] Fwd: room not available 9/16

Andrew Fife afife@untangle.com
Sat Jun 14 23:38:39 PDT 2008

Looks like the Four Seas is not available for September.  This may be a bit of a problem because Ian Murdock's schedule seems to be quite tight.  Really unfortunate considering two other date changes this year.  

Would you rather:

A) change the location... if so please suggest

B) change the date and risk losing Ian Murdock as speaker

Untangle is a willing host, but we really don't have the space to host more than about 30 and I a suspect that this meeting will draw many more.  

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Subject: room not available 9/16

Hi Andrew, 

I wanted to let you know in advance that our banquet room is not available on September 16 th . Do you think LINUX can use a different date in September? Sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you, Andrew, and I’ll see you on the 24 th . 

Sara Lim 

General Manager 

Four Seas Restaurant 

(415) 989-8188 


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Subject: Pushing BALUG back 1 week 

Hi Sara: 

Our speaker needs to push BALUG back 1 week to Tuesday, 6/24. I just wanted to double check that would work for you guys before I announce the change. Also, our speaker is a pretty good one this month so I'm optimistic that we'll be back in the 40+ attendance range. I'll touch base with an exact head count closer to the date. 



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